Collection: I love you

A collection made with love by Childe Eyewear in collaboration with tell your friends you love them.

Strengthening the love between friends and encouraging the healthy sharing of emotions to build more open loving relationships.

On the inside temple of your sunglasses is a reminder to tell your friends you love them.

The love you on the outside right temple sends a positive message of love to those around you.

You may even encourage a new friend reading your sunglasses to say love you and then give each other a big beautiful hug.

Proceeds from love childe will be donated to our friends at Human Nature.

Human Nature provides innovative, nature-based mental health support for young people aged 14-20 in Northern NSW who are experiencing significant mental health challenges and trauma.

Human Nature has developed a proven model of care that works for those young people who aren’t able to access or who aren’t benefiting from conventional clinical services.

We are supporting Human Nature, to help improve young lives and positively impact families, communities, and society more broadly.

Our aim naturally is to build and offer more LOVE in Human Nature.

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